Commuter Reimbursement Account

A CRA can make getting to work more affordable for your employees and best of all, save YOU taxes at the same time

Healthcare Reimbursement Accounts

HRAs combine the control and cost-saving tools employers are seeking with the flexibility and protection employees need

Carrier Connect & Automated COBRA Administration

Easily deliver benefit enrollment and updated enrollment data due to life changing events directly to insurance carriers without any paper forms, faxing, or manual data entry

Bright Choices® Private Exchange

An online store or marketplace where employees purchase benefits using funding contributed by their employers

Paypro's Retirement Solutions

Eliminate high and hidden plan costs, provide the best investment vehicles available while providing your organization with unsurpassed day-to-day service for participants and administrators

Pay As You Go Workers’ Comp

Maximizes your organization’s cash flow since it eliminates the large up-front down payment and finance charges