Onboarding Solution walks new hires step-by-step through the onboarding process. New hires will be able to review and electronically sign off on employee handbooks and other required company documentation, take online training courses, setup their direct deposits, submit Form W-4 and I-9 which auto-populate with information provided, and enroll in benefits.

  • Configure onboarding checklists
  • Upload unlimited number of documents
  • Define approval workflows
  • Configure automated approval notifications
What Are Some of the Key Benefits of Scheduling?

  • Control labor costs by making more informed scheduling decisions
  • Improve workforce productivity by allowing staff coverage to fluctuate with business demand
  • Minimize compliance risk by automatically enforcing scheduling policies, labor laws and union rules
  • Drive continuous improvement by measuring scheduling effectiveness
  • Simplify schedule creation and management so managers can focus on strategic priorities
E-Verify is a fast, accurate online service that compares information from an employee’s Form I-9 to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. The E-Verify Connector provides tight integration between E-Verify and Paypro’s WorkforceOne® platform, making employee record keeping a seamless process.

  • Employment eligibility reports are automatically saved within the application’s employee records
  • The Marketplace – a portal that allows you to leverage pre-integrated solutions developed both internally and by third-party vendors right from your workforce management platform’s user interface
  • Similar to a mobile app store, the Marketplace is your one-stop shop for applications and services
  • The Marketplace is designed for convenience and ease of use
  • Simply browse through the Marketplace, add solutions to your account, and activate them directly from within the application
Need a Simpler Way to Keep Track of Employee Leave?

  • Automated tracking of leave eligibility, type, and duration
  • Configurable workflow for leave request/approval process
  • Employee self-service leave request
  • Manager leave case visibility reporting
  • Append leave case documentation directly to an employee’s case record
  • Time entries and pay rules for leave cases integrated with employee timesheets
  • Real-time updates on eligibility and case activity