The Bright Choices® Exchange, is an online benefits store that is changing the way employers provide benefits to their employees.

A whole new approach to employee benefits

With our defined contribution model, employers allocate a fixed amount of money per employee for benefits. Employees then select and purchase the benefits that are most appropriate for them. And with Bright Choices’ robust product offering that goes far beyond medical coverage, employees can build true protection against financial risk through a diversified portfolio of benefits.

Want to see how Bright Choices works?

You are supported every step of the way

From the initial implementation through next year’s renewal, you are given the support and tools you need to make it all run smoothly.

Employers are supported with:

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Your employee is in control of choosing their benefits

Your employees can choose the plans recommended by Bright Choices, or pick anything else in the store. Bright Choices also helps them understand and evaluate all plan options with:

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A personal benefits encyclopedia for your employees

Employees have access to Tell Me More, an educational hub that contains an extensive collection of informational videos, articles, FAQs, and even a glossary. Employees can receive answers to their questions instantly and 24/7.  Tell Me More.png