Ascentis HR™ Software


Ascentis HR® is an easy to use, wizard based HR management system that manages and tracks employee data throughout the entire employment cycle. Employee information is instantly and electronically accessible—and always up-to-date. Your HR staff will immediately become more efficient, accurate and accelerated.

Levels of Data

Many levels of employee data are managed and displayed using Ascentis HR®, including:

  • Personal information such as name, address, phone numbers, emergency contact, dependent information and attachments
  • Organizational information such as job title, supervisor, performance reviews, length of service and termination data and analysis
  • Compliance information such as disability status, EEO class, OSHA, Workers Comp Class and Veterans status.


Quickly and easily create customized tabs to track the unique information that your company needs to manage, such as company issued property, certifications and training.


Ascentis HR® tracks FMLA data including number of hours available and paid vs. unpaid leave. COBRA management keeps your company in compliance and eliminates the cost of outsourcing COBRA management.


All leave types are tracked, including vacation, sick and jury duty. The system calculates eligibility, accrual, lump sums, carry– over, amount taken and amount available.

Comprehensive Benefits Management

Ascentis HR® supports a wide variety of benefit plans with powerful, rules-based engines. Benefit plans only need to be set up once. HR can easily report on point-in-time benefits for any past, current or future date. Employees’ and dependents’ eligibility status is automatically calculated. The system provides complete historical information that tracks all enrollment changes including what changed, when it changed and who made the changes. Ascentis HR® supports conventionally insured plans and self-funded plans, and quickly generates benefits statements.

The types of benefits that are supported include medical, dental, vision, 401(k), health club memberships, paid employee parking, life insurance, short/long term disability and retirement plans.

Compensation Management

With Ascentis HR®, an unlimited number of compensation plans, with pay grade levels, can be created. Historical compensation information is easy to access. The powerful “What If” analysis tool allows HR to quickly and easily see how changes to three variables (comp-ratio, percentage change and pay change) affect overall compensation.


More than 300 pre-defined, customizable reports, including federal compliance reports, are included. Generating reports is easy with the Report Wizard, no technical knowledge or IT staff help is required.

Innovative Employee Communications

The Ascentis HR® Correspondence Wizard allows HR to quickly communicate with individuals or groups via email. E-mails are automatically captured in employees’ records so HR can easily retrieve a correspondence history of the content and data sent.

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