Paypro’s Retirement Solutions eliminate high and hidden plan costs, provide the best investment vehicles available while providing your organization with unsurpassed day-to-day service for participants and administrators.


Paypro’s Retirement Solutions consist of the following key components:

  • Design Flexibility – We are solution focused. We learn about your needs and objective and address them at every turn
  • Investment Objectivity – Paypro Benefits have no fund affiliation or pre-disposition that would interfere with the development of a portfolio designed to achieve one objective and one objective only, to service the investment interests of plan participants
  • Total Plan Cost Transparency – We go beyond  the minimum disclosure requirements for plan fees. We provide total plan cost transparency for our retirement plan’s clients and participants
  • Data Integration – Paypro’s solution integrates your payroll and pension platforms seamlessly, saving time and money while reducing liabilities

  • Service – Every Paypro retirement plan client receives the support of a personal Plan Specialist and Registered Investment Advisor
  • Education – Paypro provides periodic seminars and other educational modalities to Paypro retirement clients and their employees. Each Paypro Benefits client receives a customized educational curriculum
  • An Extraordinary Value Proposition – Through paypro’s retirement services, we provide superior administrative efficiencies along with fund selections at a very competitive rate

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