5 Facts About Nonprofit Payroll Services to Impress Your Boss

Although nonprofit payroll is similar to other for-profit organizations, there are some special rules surrounding withholding payroll taxes and how you pay your employees. Because you have different elements of HR, from unpaid volunteers to contractors, and employees to board members, you have to understand how payroll works for each person. 

You can spend all of your time managing payroll, but in the end, you will probably never know all the rules for each type of employee, not to mention how federal, state, and local tax laws work. 

A nonprofit payroll service is your best bet to ensure your nonprofit is taking advantage of a simplified payroll process while adhering to tax rules that apply to your business. If your boss is not convinced, here are five impressive facts that might change their minds.

Payroll Services Resolve Mistakes

Mistakes lead to tax penalties that can equal 50% or more of the amount owed. Payroll services take the burden of potential mistakes off your shoulders by actively watching for them and then resolving them. This includes: 

You will have the accuracy of nonprofit payroll software in hand with personal payroll support working to check your work constantly. When issues arise, you will receive a call to discuss solutions. This not only helps you avoid mistakes but also works as a learning opportunity. You will become more familiar with the rules and how to avoid future errors. 

Complex situations can arise where you aren’t sure how to proceed. When this happens, instead of taking chances, you have the payroll experts available to address issues and ensure you are adhering to the laws that apply specifically to your nonprofit needs. 

Nonprofit payroll software will assist with all steps of the process, checking for accuracy while ensuring consistency across your Benefit, Timekeeping, Applicant-tracking, Learning Management, ERP, and accounting systems. This saves you the time of retyping information so that you can be more focused on the human element of human resources. 

Payroll Services Make Things Easier

Being the juggler of too many roles is a common issue for nonprofit HR and accounting departments. If this sounds like you, nonprofit payroll software allows you to focus on other pressing matters, including more focus on employee development and finding the right people to assist with growing your donation base. 

You can show your boss that those hours each week manually reviewing and verifying payroll data can be offset and more efficiently managed with a payroll service. You will avoid issues such as late payments and underpayments because errors will be reduced or even eliminated. Using payroll services and software will reduce the hours, mistakes, and complexities, improving efficiencies for your HR or accounting department. 

Paperless Processing is Valuable

Whether you are thinking of ways to be greener or just want to be more efficient through organized processes, payroll services can help you. Online nonprofit payroll services streamline your efforts across multiple departments and roles, from managers to IT, and accounting to HR and payroll. 

Paperless payroll is the wave of the future, replacing paper pushing and shifting with a mobile payroll app and online document storage. Nonprofit payroll software simplifies the process, offering: 

Payroll Services Allow Real-Time Monitoring

Quick access to information at any time makes things easier. It will alert you when a problem exists and allow you to make changes right away. This will create an error-free payroll process, so you are always on time. 

With an integrated system, you will always know the current state of labor costs, allowing profitable decisions that keep everything up to date. Payroll reporting provides:

Payroll Services Lead to Happier Employees

An automated payroll service also makes employees happier. They will get what they want without the need for support, including real-time payroll records and automatic backup for their sensitive HR information.

Your boss will see the benefits of nonprofit payroll services and be impressed by your up-to-date knowledge. 

About The Author

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