Monitoring the time and attendance of your employees is a tedious, yet necessary task. Like it or not, tracking your personnel is essential for controlling labor costs, adhering to compliance requirements and improving productivity. Fortunately, today’s workforce management solutions incorporate time and attendance tools to help you keep tabs on these critical operations. It can be challenging to evaluate all the options available, but here are some key features you’ll want to put on the wish list.

Scalability and Flexibility: Any workforce management tool should be configurable and enable you to make changes on the fly, without waiting for IT or developers to make adjustments. You need a customizable application that takes your company’s unique needs into account and can accommodate demand fluctuations. You’ll also need to track when and how policy changes were implemented to understand their impact on time and attendance.

Data Collection: You need to collect time and attendance data for long and short term planning, but you’ll want to maintain control over what details you track. It’s important that you be able to capture data obtained through online clocks or timesheets, and then merge the information with data collected from other systems. You’ll gain a more accurate insight into the coordination of labor, output and financial impact –enabling you to better support business objectives with workforce power.

Easy Access to Time Data: Data collection is useless unless you can get a comprehensive overview of your workforce composition. These details are especially useful if you rely heavily on temporary labor to meet cyclical or seasonal demands. Larger enterprises will need solutions that enable access to global locations, offices and company divisions as well.

In-Depth Look at Labor Costs: Any investment in technology should be geared toward reducing costs and boosting profits, and your time and attendance platform is no exception. Labor costs can be considerable if you’re not aware of the relationships between and among multi-position pay rates, overtime rules, shift distribution and employee expenses. The best solution for your company should be one that uses this information to deliver ROI.

Focus on Labor Compliance: Labor rules and regulations are complex, especially when your workforce is spread nationwide or globally. However, local, regional and country compliance functions must also be brought into alignment with in-house policies, including time and attendance tracking. Workforce management solutions that adhere to compliance demands reduce the threat of fines and other penalties, and produce an audit trail where necessary as proof.

Productivity Monitor: Traditional time and attendance tracking strategies often created an obstacle between employee productivity and essential workforce functions. Many of today’s platforms reside in the Cloud, enabling online access to timesheets via computer or mobile device. Because they’re Web-based, there’s no need to install or update software.

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Careful tracking of employee time and attendance is the foundation of meeting business objectives, but the meticulous tasks involved with monitoring are time-consuming and inefficient. A robust workforce solution can ease the strain on companies of all sizes, but it can be difficult to choose among the various platforms. The Paypro Time & Attendance Solutions help you track critical metrics, which results in improved productivity enterprise wide. Getting a clear insight into the time habits of your employees is essential for both short term decision making and long term business strategy. Please contact us for more information on our time & attendance solutions.

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