Many employers offer some type of benefits plan to their employees, ranging from health insurance and retirement plans to free food and health club memberships. Even though this in an essential function, many managers know very little about HR Benefits planning. What goes into managing HR Benefits? Probably more than you expect. Keep reading to find out.

An HR Benefits Coordinator has many responsibilities, including:

  • Administer Employee Benefits Programs

Your benefits programs involve a significant amount of paperwork that must be managed by someone. Your HR Benefits Coordinator handles this task.

  • Conduct Benefits Orientations

Every time you hire a new employee, the HR Benefits Coordinator introduces him or her to the benefits your company offers.

  • Review and Respond to Unemployment Claims

When an employee leaves your organization, he or she may wish to apply for unemployment coverage. Your Benefits Coordinator assists with the paperwork.

  • Assist Employees with Benefit Claims

When one of your employees needs to make a benefit claim, your Benefits Coordinator is there to make sure the process goes smoothly.

  • Coordinate Workers’ Compensation Claims

If an employee is injured on the job, he or she may be eligible for workers compensation. Your HR benefits coordinator represents your interests in any proceedings.

  • Assist HR Manager in Obtaining Statistics

Insurance companies love statistics; specifically the utilization rate of the services they provide. Compiling this information is often part of the renewal process.

  • Maintain Employee Benefits Filing Systems

Your HR department must keep detailed files on your employees.

It might seem like technology would not impact these responsibilities much, but it might play a larger role than you expect.

Technology and Benefits                         

The job of your benefits coordinator revolves around researching, selecting and communicating benefits on behalf of your business and your employees. The Internet is arguably the most revolutionary advancement in research and communication since the invention of the telephone. Using a computer with an Internet connection affects every part of an HR benefits coordinator’s job.


Paperwork is an unfortunate part of administering benefits. When you add up your employee records, biweekly absenteeism reports, benefits claims documentation and statistical information, even a small business can generate a mountain of paperwork. Electronic filing systems allow you to store the contents of a 1000 file cabinets on a single desk. The benefits of technology go far beyond storage though; these records can be indexed, searched, duplicated and modified with just a few keystrokes. Electronic filing can revolutionize your paperwork process.

Benefits Orientations

The goal of a benefits orientation is to give your new employee the information they need to activate and utilize their new benefits. With a computer and printer, your HR Benefits Coordinator can give every new employee personalized documentation, tailored to his or her situation.

Claims Review

If an employee is trying to make a benefit claim, a government worker is checking on an unemployment claim or your businesses involved in a Workmen’s Compensation claim, they all need information. An HR Benefits Coordinator spends much of his or her time responding to requests for information. Technology makes all of the information this individual needs readily accessible.

Gathering Statistics

Statistics concerning items such as absenteeism, productivity, workplace safety and seasonal variations can give you a window into your business, if you know how to look. Computers excel at working with numbers; a skilled individual can use a computer to gain insight into the operation of your business by analyzing statistics for correlation.

Your HR Benefits department performs several vital functions that may go unnoticed. Administering your benefits programs is a tedious and often thankless task. Fortunately, technology can make the job a little bit easier.

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