The competition to attract and retain top talent to your organization can be tough. Employees are no longer focused on traditional draws such as salary or even benefits. Instead, they are seeking fulfilling work experiences that contribute to their quality of life. You can help improve the employee experience by modernizing your organization with the latest time-saving, user-friendly technology that helps improve productivity and enhance employee engagement. 


What is Employee Experience?

Employee experience simply put is how you treat your employees. When organizations take the time to show employees you care about their health, careers, and well-being, it sets a strong foundation that helps keep them engaged and invested in their own careers with you. When you make it a policy to treat employees with respect, people feel valued. However, they need the tools that empower them to be successful not only within your organization but also for their careers in general.

This type of experience makes it more likely employees will feel a sense of loyalty and continue to pursue their career growth within your organization. Employee experience considers all aspects of engagement from the culture of your organization to the training you provide and career tracking to growth opportunities. This type of experience is key to hiring and retaining top talent.

Trust in Your Organization and Culture

Updated HR software provides a sense of security for employees. When they see your organization has invested in the protection of their sensitive and confidential personal information, they feel more valued. Workforce management systems eliminate the need for multiple data storage locations, providing easy access from one secure area. All the information needed for employees is easily tracked, and you reduce the risk of exposure due to cyber-attacks. This builds trust in your organization and shows employees you have invested in their privacy.

Self-Serve Elements of HR

Often employees feel they lack control over their careers because they have to depend on management to invest in their advancement. Modernizing your employee experience provides self-serve elements to HR that empowers employees to manage different aspects of their personal interests. Whether it is learning management systems to pursue further training, time off scheduling systems that allow them to have more control over their vacation time and weekly schedules, or even something as simple as making changes to their benefits, employees feel a sense of empowerment when they can be more involved in life/work balance and planning their own futures.

Remote Work Management

Allowing employees to work from home is a major bonus for today’s workforce. When you can offer new work-from-home policies that are inclusive and career-focused, employees can see you have made an effort to ensure they can perform their duties to suit their lifestyle. Instead of being tied to a desk in the office, your remote workforce management software improves employee engagement while also helping managers maintain control over their team.

Customized remote workforce management software is the key to integrating the latest innovations in remote set-ups allowing you to manage everything from onboarding to payroll and benefits management to employee development. Employees won’t feel their careers are threatened by working from home and instead you can provide solutions focused on productivity, involvement, teamwork and a sense of connectivity that keeps employees engaged and invested in their own success.

Improved Hiring

Finding the right candidate is one of the best ways to reduce employee churn. When you have access to HR software that improves the screening, interviewing and onboarding process, you have a better chance of placing the best candidates right from the start. The right match and onboarding process lead to happier hires who feel they made the right choice. As a result, they are more apt to feel they can succeed in their new position as they are truly qualified to perform their duties.

Employee interactions with user-friendly, mobile accessible software make it easy for staff to navigate tedious procedures that can take up too much time using manual methods. They can become more involved in their own destinies using engaging software that allows them to keep their own careers on track. 

Whether it is investing in their own career objective setting, ensuring their work appraisals remain scheduled to discuss their goals or scheduling their own training courses, they have more control over their own destiny so are more likely to remain committed to an organization that has invested in improving their experiences.

About The Author

Ingrid Principe

Ingrid is the Content Marketing Manager at Paypro, managing both inbound and outbound marketing initiatives for the company. She has 15+ years’ of extensive marketing communications experience, leveraging brand awareness and strategic partnerships to increase sales revenue for a diverse group of B2B brands.

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