Workforce management is a central issue for every business. It involves much more than just supervising your workers; this umbrella term refers to all the activities needed to keep your workforce running smoothly. Workforce management includes tasks like Recruiting, Scheduling, Personnel Review and Succession Planning. These tasks are all crucial to keep your business running effectively and efficiently.

How do you accomplish these tasks in your business? Does the process depend on paperwork and intuition? This method may get the job done, but there is a better way. You can make better decisions when you have better information.

How Technology Can Help    PAYPRO

Computers are fantastic tools for managing data. Workforce Management software combines all the functions of workforce management into one package. Technology can affect each workforce management task. Here is how it can work:

  • Recruiting / Onboarding

Finding and hiring the best people is something that every business hopes to accomplish, but it does not always come easily. In the old days, your HR department would sort through piles of applications and resumes, hoping to find applicants worth interviewing. Today, the Internet is your primary source of applicants. You may receive many more applicants this way, but I use automated tools to screen out under qualified applicants and zero in on the most qualified workers.

  • Forecasting / Scheduling

Everyone understands that certain times of the year will be busier than others; this is just the nature of doing business. Many businesses hire extra staff for the busy times of the year, but there is always a risk of hiring more or fewer workers than you need. Having more accurate predictions about your staffing needs allows you to make better plans. Computers can combine information from a variety of sources you may not have considered to make better predictions. Workforce management software can help you meet your staffing needs.

  • Hours / Piece Tracking

Some of your employees are paid by the hour while others earn money based on how many tasks they complete. Either way, workforce management technology makes the process easier for you. You can even combine the two methods to offer financial incentives to your most efficient workers.

  • Personnel Review and Promotion

Most supervisors know who their best workers are, and these are the workers that end up being promoted. However, this may not be the best method. The fact that an individual is good at his or her job does not necessarily indicate that this individual is qualified for promotion. Many promotions involve supervisory duties; these roles should be filled by workers who are good at leading people. Rather rewarding a competent worker to a position where he or she may not excel, consider promotion based on finding the best person for every open position. You can reward your best workers in other ways, such as higher wages, more independence and peer recognition.

  • Succession Planning

Even if your business is running smoothly, there is a serious issue to address. Who will take over when you lose a key employee to retirement, illness or some other circumstance, you can end up facing a significant loss in productivity. You can decrease the impact of attrition by planning ahead to replace your key personnel. Part of the job description of every supervisor should be training and mentoring his or her eventual replacement. Workforce management software can help you find the employees best suited to take over when your current employees move on.

Effective workforce management should be a central part of your business strategy. Workforce management software can make your staffing work better, and keep your business better prepared for the future.

Paypro Workforce Management Solutions gives you the services you need while putting your needs first. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that give you the accurate, real-time information you need to make informed decisions. Please contact us with questions – we are here to help simplify your workforce management!

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