Choosing the right workforce management solution for your company can be a weighty task if this is the first time you’ve had to assess the options and find the best fit. The right workforce management solution can help your processes become more efficient by reducing the time and money spend on mundane tasks. The wrong solution can leave you frustrated and regretful; even worse, it can put you at risk for penalties due to failure to meet regulatory compliance. So as you approach the job of selecting a workforce management solution that suits your company’s needs, make sure to consider these seven factors that will guide you to the right decision.

  1. Recruiting and Onboarding Capabilities: Many workforce management solutions include recruiting tools to make the hiring process easier, including a searchable repository of candidates and channels for outside staffing agencies to gain access to certain features. There are also interview scheduling features that will notify all parties necessary to the recruiting and hiring process. For onboardinglook for solutions that streamline new hire set up and acclimation procedures, especially those that allow the employee to execute company policies and handbooks online.
  1. Employee Self-Service Functionality: Make information that an employee needs on a day-to-day basis easily accessible with employee self-service functionality. Not only will it empower employees, it will also free up your time by minimizing employee requests. Some of the self-service functionality could include time tracking and PTO requests, electronic open enrollment, and access to historical and current pay statements and W-2s.
  1. Benefits Administration: To properly manage health insurance, bonuses, ACA compliance, pensions and other employee perks, you need a solution with robust benefits administration tools. Some systems can even help you retain top talent by making sure incentive packages are competitive enough to keep personnel motivated.

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  1. Time & Attendance Tracking: Maintaining proper records for employee time and attendance is essential for a variety of compliance reasons, including the Affordable Care Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Your workforce management solution should also monitor this data to assess the availability of vacation, paid sick leave and other absences for employees.
  1. Powerful Analytics Tools: A workforce management platform should help you make sense of numbers to establish the trends and patterns that affect your workforce. This insight will assist you in recruiting, retaining, managing and growing your workforce.
  1. Customization Options: Every organization is different, so your solution must be flexible to adapt to your business objectives and workforce needs. Your company is unique, from the diversity of your personnel to your regulatory compliance landscape. Only choose workforce management technology that can be modified to your specific processes and is scalable for future needs.
  1. Security and Delivery Methods. There are many advantages of selecting a provider that offers a cloud-based workforce management solution. Deployment in a cloud-based environment ensures that your organization is ready to go quickly – with designated customization features and without the need for installation and IT resources. Your technology will be automatically updated with the latest capabilities and features, including compliance measures and tax tables. With a cloud-based solution, you and your team also have access to the solution anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, a cloud-based solution must meet the high levels of security that your organization and employees demand. Ensure that any vendor you’re considering provides a hosting environment built up on a secure infrastructure with data redundancy and multiple layers of encryption.

These top seven criteria should put you on the right path as you’re evaluating workforce management solutions for your company, though you might consider other factors depending on your specific needs. The important takeaway point is to know your top business objectives and determine which systems will meet them. Paypro offers an integrated, cloud based solution on a single database that provides real-time access to consistent, accurate workforce information to help you make informed decisions and drive bottom-line results. Please watch this video or contact us to find out more.

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