On September 9th, President Biden announced new nationwide vaccine mandates in an effort to curb the rise in COVID-related cases. These measures deal directly with the workforce, and are designed to encourage unvaccinated Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine as quickly as possible.

This vaccine mandate has vast repercussions, affecting various sectors and millions of employees across the country. Chances are, your organization will be affected by the mandate and you’ll need to take steps to ensure you’re properly complying. 

Vaccine Mandate Details

The Biden Administration vaccine mandate measures cover a number of sectors, and also include consequences for those why refuse to comply. Here are the basics of the mandate: 

The Public Sector 

The Healthcare Sector

The Private Sector 

The Exceptions

The Penalties 

How to Manage Your Workforce 

The vaccine mandates announcements still don’t have a ton of specifics, and no one knows exactly how the measures will be logistically implemented. But the federal government is urging businesses to begin the process ASAP.


As an organizational decision maker, you’ll deal with both the positive and negative effects of the mandate. On one hand, it’s helpful to have some guidance when it comes to executing plans to keep the workforce protected. On the other hand, it creates some uncertainty and compliance red tape that someone on your team now has to manage and track. That’s where Paypro comes in.  


Extra reporting requires extra organization. Manage potential reporting logistics from organizations like the Department of Labor. It’s likely they’ll request some form of reporting in the future. 

Audit Preparation

Efficient workforce management software to prepare for future audits on your organization’s program implementation and tracking procedures. When you have all the data organized in one place, you’ll always be prepared. 

Employee Database 

Employee management software allows you to create an employee database. This comes in handy when you’re tracking vaccination for your team. Keeping all the information in one place is crucial to optimal organization.

The App 

An easy-to-use app helps keep all the data and processes organized. The app allows you to streamline communication across the company, so everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and can stay updated when it comes to vaccination, testing, or general policies surrounding the mandate. 

COVID Vaccine Tracking

As employers, you understand that government regulation can create a need for more internal tracking and reporting. An easy to use WFM app also helps you track who is vaccinated or who is scheduled for weekly testing. 

Stay updated on changing policies and make an action plan now. No matter how all the details unfold, Paypro’s workforce management software will help you manage the organizational process and will ensure you’re prepared as possible.

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