Every organization needs staff to get things done. Managing your workforce effectively is a crucial part of running a business. In the nonprofit world, budgets are usually tight. Many nonprofits also depend on volunteers, which adds an extra layer of complexity. Workforce Management (WFM) is the process of forecasting, scheduling, and staffing your organization. Effective nonprofit workforce management solutions help you have the right people, in the right place and time to get the work of your organization done.

The appropriate procedures, processes, and technology can help you optimize your workforce for the highest performance and the lowest labor costs. This involves more than simply making a schedule; there are many factors to account for. Each of your staff members and volunteers has different schedule preferences. You need certain types of workers to get the work done. Optimizing these variables by hand can quickly get out of hand. Nonprofit workforce management solutions can help you do the heavy lifting and come up with a solution that best meets your needs.

Effective workforce management offers five key benefits:

1. Lower Labor CostsPaypro

An automated workforce management system reduces your labor costs in two ways. First, accurate timekeeping virtually eliminates mistakes and fraud that can cost you money. Second, you can reduce costly overtime. When it comes time for payroll, your time-tracking software can send the hours to your payroll system or provider.

2. Predictable Scheduling

Many of your employees and volunteers probably enjoy having a predictable schedule. A workforce management system lets you set up regular schedules for certain employees, then supplement your staffing requirements with additional staff as needed.

3. Improved Compliance

Every organization is subject to federal state and local regulations. Accurate records are the best way to ensure that your organization remains compliant from the start. If you ever need to demonstrate compliance later, you will already have the records you need.

4. Better Employee Satisfaction

A workforce management system is the fairest system possible to manage employee shift preferences and requests for time vacation. When your employees know that their needs and wants are being considered in the most equitable manner possible, they are more likely to be pleased with the outcome.

5. Higher Productivity

Improving employee morale and reducing labor costs will naturally lead to higher productivity. Your productivity gains will pay for your investment in workforce management.

In the business world, accomplishing more with less is the best way to increase your profits. In the nonprofit world, accomplishing this goal frees more of your resources to do the work of your organization. Nonprofit workforce management solutions are a key tool you can use to improve your employee morale and ultimately increase the impact of your nonprofit.






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