Are you looking for a way to deliver a better customer experience for your patients and your employees? Workforce management software systems are revolutionary tools for healthcare managers because they can handle complex scheduling, process accounts payable, and improve overall patient services.

Solve your unique healthcare challenges with a customized workforce management solution designed for you – because we recognize that no two healthcare providers are the same. Learn more from Paypro and schedule a free consultation today.

Benefits of WFM Systems Designed for Healthcare

The right workplace management system can maximize the usefulness of all resources and assets. Within an integrated software system, information can be collected, analyzed and shared between administrators and managers to keep operations running smoothly. 

Some of the ways that workforce management systems optimize business performance in healthcare facilities include:

Workforce management systems can incorporate cloud-based technology for security and compliance. They can provide complete I-9s, W-4s, other tax documents, while including multi-factor authentication and data encryption to keep employee information safe. 


Scalable Solutions Across the Healthcare Industry

The benefits of WFM solutions are applicable across various healthcare facilities such as dental offices, hospital and emergency rooms, home healthcare, doctor’s offices and more. Our solutions provide the ability to devote more time to patient outcomes by streamlining processes.

Example facilities include:

Cost Savings Associated With Healthcare Workforce Management

Workforce management solutions reduce operating costs while increasing a facility’s efficiency. Some examples include:

Each healthcare facility might have one particular item that makes implementing workforce management software systems into their processes.

“Patient information that shows on the paystubs has cut our time that we deal with employee calls by 75%.” Carmen – Panda Home Care

Healthcare WFM Systems
Note: This is sample data used for demo purposes only.

The Paypro Scheduling Solution

Our easy-to-use tools with mobile access and self-service options let healthcare employees manage their own schedules if needed. When nurses and care providers have a say in their schedules, everyone wins.

Outdated, inadequate staffing practices can have serious consequences, including low employee morale and poor patient outcomes. With Paypro, we provide the ability to build, manage, fill and measure employee shifts. Our healthcare WFM solutions will accurately align staff with workload demand to create a culture of consistent quality care.

Working With a Trusted Partner

At Paypro, we have the affordable workforce management software tools that your healthcare facility needs to run efficiently, improve your employee satisfaction, and ensure that your patients are taken care of. Our team will work with you to understand your goals, identify areas of improvement, and deliver custom integrations to solve your unique healthcare challenges.