We Believe in Long-term Relationships, But Don’t Take Our Word For It. Hear What Our Clients Have to Say


Exceeding Our Clients’ Expectations Is Hard Coded Into Paypro’s DNA

“All members of my dedicated Paypro service team are very responsive. I feel like they really care about me and want to help me resolve whatever issue I’m calling on.”

“We need certain pillars that we can depend on and work with efficiently so that we can devote our time to managing change. In that sense, Paypro absolutely supports what we’re doing. It’s a dependable framework.”

“Paypro is not just a payroll company. It’s a whole team of very dedicated and knowledgeable staff that stick with anything you have from beginning to end.”

“The big thing about Paypro is their customer service. I will always say customer service, customer service, customer service is the strength of this company.”

“ Hands down, Paypro is the best payroll and timekeeping system I’ve ever worked with…and they have the best customer service staff I’ve ever worked with.”

“There is a risk management aspect to HR. Our worst nightmare is litigation. So being able to use a software system that aids you in being compliant gives peace of mind that’s hard to put a value on.”