You’ve Got Paid® is a powerful employee self-service platform that conveniently and securely distributes your organization’s pay information electronically to your employees without the need to distribute paper pay stubs so you can save time and money.

Additionally, your employees are able to view and print their pay stubs, W-2s and benefit statements, download tax information directly into their tax forms with a TurboTax® integration as well as request payroll information updates and electronically enroll in medical or other benefits your organization


Benefits of You’ve Got Paid®

  • No upfront costs
  • Saves time – No need to distribute pay stubs manually throughout your organization
  • Saves money – No need to mail pay stubs – save on postage & delivery charges
  • Ease of use – Employees can easily review their detailed and historical pay check information online, anytime
  • Environmentally friendly – only print when you really need to.yees are able to conveniently access, view and print their benefit statements online. No need to print or distribute statements manually, saving time, money and the environment!