5 Technology Tools Everyone in Human Resources Should Be Using

HR technology is constantly changing, even more so with the introduction of AI and digitalization. The introduction of tech tools is making it easier for human resources departments to keep on top of everything, from scheduling to payroll, and benefits to attendance. Here are five HR technology tools everyone in human resources should be using.

Payroll Software

Payroll software helps you simplify the entire payroll process. You can improve accuracy, follow everything with in-depth reporting, and resolve mistakes before submission. 

Payroll software can handle the following:

Benefits of payroll software: 

Time and Attendance Software

Employee time and attendance can have a major impact on your costs. Punch card or, worse, manual time tracking procedures are antiquated and inaccurate. It is also easier for people to misrepresent their hours and attendance when using manual or punch card systems. 

Automated time and attendance HR technology requires more secure entries while offering valuable metrics about attendance. You can track your staff to understand your labor costs and needs. It will also reduce the labor-intensive manual tracking. This, in turn, will lower the risk for human errors. 

HR time and attendance systems offer the following: 

Benefits of time and attendance software

Employee Management Software

Employee management software allows you to identify issues in your new employee onboarding procedure. You can optimize your hiring process while keeping up to date on the status of your current employees. 

Your software will allow you to:

Benefits of employee management software:

Benefits Administration Tool

Your benefits are a major factor in attracting top talent to your organization. Each organization has its own needs as well as customized benefits to suit their budget. Some require Workers’ Compensation elements, while others might focus on lifestyle-enhancing benefits. There are also flexible spending accounts that are more tax efficient. Other non-traditional benefits are becoming more popular with things such as volunteering initiatives, mentorship programs, and tuition reimbursements. These are the things that provide more meaningful work experiences for the workers of today.  

Online benefit administration solutions can address a number of issues, including:

Benefits of administration solutions:

Complete Workforce Management

A total workforce management system tracks employee performance from initial application to retirement. It frees up your HR department by providing detailed analytics to pinpoint areas for improvement. You will know what stage each employee is at in their careers, including pending retirements. You will also have better talent recruitment with a modern, engaging application process. 

Tasks that fall under the complete workforce management tool include: 

Benefits of workforce management:

HR Technology Trend Myths Debunked

Many companies hold themselves back from using HR technology. Here are some of the common myths about technology in HR debunked:

The right tools provide transparency for employees while empowering your HR team to succeed. 

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