Discovering the Latest Innovations in Time & Attendance Software

If you’re struggling to handle time tracking, payroll and benefits with manual procedures, investing in time and attendance software should be your top priority. Today’s innovations in human resource technologies will help streamline your operations, ease day-to-day tasks for managers, and ensure that labor expenses are accurately accounted for.

What is Time & Attendance Software System?

Time and attendance software systems are a time clock or cloud-based solution that gathers employee information. Common data that is collected includes:

This data can be recorded automatically depending on the nature of the software you adopt. By customizing a solution specific to your company, you can get the information you need, alleviate tasks for managers, and provide an easy way for your employees to keep track of their hours.

What Time & Attendance Software Innovations Are Best For My Business?

The latest time and attendance tracking software offers real-time access to data, providing employees with an advanced, user-friendly alternative to manual processes.

Automated Time Tracking

Fully automated time tracking systems feature employee dashboards and flexible punch methods, including the ability to clock in through mobile punches from any device:

All the data is collected and then sent directly to timesheets. Automatic time and attendance tracking software make time management much more accessible, easier and faster.

Kronos Time Clocks 

New software built into Wi-Fi enabled time clocks can support up to 500 employees’ time and attendance recordkeeping. This solution leverages biometric time and attendance software, which helps ensure time-punch accuracy and promotes greater efficiency and accuracy.

Scheduling Modules and Calendar Integration

Integrated scheduling offers businesses greater visibility and flexibility in managing employee schedules. Employees can clearly communicate their availability to supervisors and receive email notifications of schedule changes in real-time, making things easier in terms of planning and keeping commitments in their personal lives.

These features provide employees with the ability to toggle between Outlook, Google, or an Apple calendar. This function gives employees a more customized approach to managing shifts and overtime schedules, in the format they feel most comfortable using.

Biometric Time & Attendance Software Kiosks

Touch-screens allow employees to confirm work schedules, review their time cards, and request time off. Authentication by fingerprint readers and facial recognition can help to eliminate misconduct related to time and attendance.

Mobile Time Sheets

Mobile timesheet software, downloaded as an app to a mobile device, enables employees to access timesheets online. The data provided in this user-friendly method can help employers with payroll processing, recordkeeping, and the ability to more closely monitor attendance.

Improving Business Management with Time & Attendance Software

Time and attendance are real assets. The number of hours each year that an employee works must be tracked by companies in order to account for the time, evaluate it for specific outcomes, and make future decisions that affect the bottom line.

In the future, your workforce management system will likely need to be flexible enough to handle more types of employees than before, including a large increase in gig or contract workers. Companies that successfully manage this shift will need to include Human Resources and payroll in the sourcing and onboarding of these gig or contract workers.

Workers will have alternatives in the future, and companies that can’t pay them on time and accurately may have a more difficult time attracting the best potential contract workers. Some regulatory issues that a new time and attendance system may be able to assist with include:

An advanced time and attendance system may also allow companies to capture location and time worked from remote workers for regulatory purposes, such as appropriately applying state income tax if the employee is working in more than one location with different laws.

Tools like online timekeeping solutions now fully integrate with payroll to ensure accuracy and eliminate instances of paying for time not worked. Electronic employee consent and acknowledgment can also be collected, which may eliminate the need to retain paper copies for each individual using the time and attendance system.

Time and Attendance Software Solutions with Paypro

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