Enjoy a Hassle-Free HCM Platform Change

The right HR technology can enable you to better manage, develop and engage people and make better strategic decisions. However, the opposite is also true. Sticking with the wrong HR & Payroll provider can tank an otherwise healthy business. 

However just like finding a new home, the inconvenience of moving is often one of the biggest obstacles standing in between your current state and desired state. Some providers will gloss over implementation because it’s easier to ignore what’s inconvenient but our philosophy is the exact opposite because we view a successful implementation as absolutely critical to utilizing your HR platform effectively. And vice versa, we find that most of our new clients’ biggest pain points can be traced back to a poor implementation.


Benefits to a Smooth HCM Implementation

The benefits of an excellent HCM implementation are no different than the benefits of having an excellent foundation for your home – the work put in to doing the job right from the outset will give you the ability to build up everything you want in the future without needing major overhauls, and built correctly will withstand any unexpected natural disasters. Like a global pandemic forcing your entire workforce remote. Specific benefits of expert-level support include:

Common Implementation Pitfalls To Avoid

Onboarding new clients we regularly hear and discover horror stories that can range in scope and consequence from inefficient workflows that add hidden wasted time to every employee’s day, to incorrect tax payments that open organizations to serious liability. A proper implementation, thoroughly supported by experts with years of experience in your specific industry will make all the difference, will make all the difference in the success of your organization’s utilization of your HR platform. Some simple red flags and pitfalls to avoid:

“Paypro went over every aspect of the software during implementation. We asked many questions and we were given extensive answers. This made the process of changing to Paypro a lot easier since everything was explained step by step. Any issues that came up were addressed and taken care of.” – Debra Hughes


Start planning out your desired state and set up time with a Paypro expert today.