HRIS & Workforce Management

Paypro’s workforce management (WFM) system helps ensure you are fully staffed to manage your workload in any given situation. You avoid over-scheduling that costs you money while ensuring the needs of the business and your customers are met. As a result, your company reaches your performance objectives quickly. 

Payroll & Tax Filing

Our IRS Authorized payroll software for large companies offers direct e-filing using a mobile-friendly, web-based interface. You can also access integrated reports with other software modules, such as time tracking and payroll systems.

Employee Self-Service

Self-service features empower employees to help themselves 24/7 while reducing pressure on your HR team. As a result, your team feels valued without sacrificing the convenience of a supportive culture. Your employees gain control over their benefits and training from the device of their choice with convenient access to their information and options.


Software Integration

We remove the intimidation of deploying a new workforce management system by identifying gaps in your current workforce management. From there, we introduce solutions to immediately save your company time and money, with simple integrations that make life easier for your HR team and workforce.


Reporting & Analytics

Paypro’s data and analytics present a new perspective on the future of your business. You can identify key growth areas and formulate new strategies with insights into schedules and workflows. As a result, you can create a more effective, leaner team to optimize performance, minimize costs, and continue finding improvement opportunities.

Tax Filing

Our compliant IRS, state-authorized e-filing small business payroll software helps you avoid year-end surprises. Our statewide compliant system automatically updates the most current withholding laws, so your team doesn’t worry about inadvertent errors. The payroll for small business software also automatically creates tax forms from W2s, and W2 misfiles to 940s.


How Our Payroll Software Helps Large Businesses

Our modular payroll software is designed to handle any sized workforce. Payroll and tax filing is easy with software aligned with your time tracking system and state tax laws. Our team identifies real-time errors, provides solutions to improve accuracy, and helps you avoid unexpected tax balances that negatively impact your cash flow.


  • Customization & Scalability

Paypro payroll software is built specifically for your large business. We design your system from the ground up to ensure it has the functionality to meet your needs. We work with you to create a customized solution that grows along with your enterprise, so you remain scalable and avoid investing in a more robust system down the line.


  • Employee Benefits Management

Paypro’s multifaceted employee benefits management services include individual health insurance to help alleviate the burden of health care costs, reduce sick days, and improve employee retention. We offer customized solutions focused on attracting and retaining top talent to help you build a dependable team that drives your business forward.


  • Data Security

Paypro keeps HR, payroll, and employment data secure and free from incidents, partnering with the Kronos Private Cloud (KPC). Our security is equipped with innovative firewalls and secure infrastructures protected by multi-factor authentication (MFA) and secure single sign-on (SSO). We deploy automated HR security alerts in the rare case of breaches so your team can respond quickly.


  • Mobile Access & Self Service

Our self-service system allows employees to access their benefits anytime, anywhere, using an intuitive app. Employees can make changes, access information, and browse their options effortlessly from their mobile phones, desktops, or tablets 24/7. Simplified solutions provide convenient access to employee data, helping to improve retention and reduce demand on your HR team.


  • Paypro Powered by UKG Ready

Paypro is powered by UKG Ready which offers leading-edge features to manage all your HR and payroll needs with secure mobile access, personalized support, automated payroll, an HR employee database, and employee performance management.

Dedicated Agents to Support Your Enterprise Business

Each Paypro client is assigned a dedicated team of experts to train your team, provide ongoing support to avoid disruptions and ensure your team understands how to optimize your new payroll software.

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