Our HCMToGo Mobile Application provides your team with human capital management when and where you need it. In today’s changing workplace landscape, HR teams need to be more mobile and flexible than ever before. Our HR mobile app is designed to keep all the tools and information you need at your fingertips without missing a beat.




What is the HCMToGo Mobile Application?

Our mobile application provides immediate access to the HR information you need. It works both as a management tool, and a DIY resource for employees looking for a self-service option. Apple and Android compatible, you can maintain complete control of your changing workforce with 100% engagement 24/7. The intuitive interface allows you to keep on top of common HR challenges with quick, easy access from your mobile device. It is the easiest and most efficient way to access human capital management from anywhere.


No other mobile app provides everything HR managers need to oversee the changing needs of a mobile, remote workplace. You have all your tools and information in one unified HCM experience across all devices. Your team and your entire staff can meet their human capital management needs from their mobile devices.


How the HR Mobile App Meets the Needs of Your Organization


With HCMToGo, the HR mobile app adapts to the user.


Employees can:


  • Punch in/out and change cost centers with GPS coordinates
  • Quickly access their profile, job, and organizational information
  • View and manage their schedule
  • Request changes to, swap, or request open shifts with fellow employees and managers
  • View accrual balances and current benefits elections
  • Enroll in new benefits or change benefits as required
  • Complete questionnaires and receive notifications
  • View pays statements and W-2s or 1099s
  • Set up direct deposit

Managers are empowered to:


  • Change requests
  • Get full timesheet access to make timesheet corrections, review employee entries, approve timesheets, and manage your team’s time end-to-end
  • View several core read-only reports
  • View the entire team using one display with all key details available from a central location