The easiest way to onboard seasonal employees

Seasonal businesses have the challenge of onboarding a large number of their staff all at once to prepare for season opening.  Many businesses still use the manual process of applicants filling out forms in person then tasking HR with entering data multiple times into their employee management software in order to complete the onboarding process.  Your time should be spent training and preparing your business for a successful season, not bogged down with the hassle of a manual onboarding process.  That’s where we can help. With Onboard Easy, candidates can use our cloud-based system available on mobile device, tablet or any computer to begin their application process. 

Here’s how it works:

Once an application is submitted the HR manager simply completes the onboarding process through the platform without having to retype any of the candidates information, its all there on their profile from their initial input.  HR has access to an easy to use wizard that will help finalize the onboarding process.  No more paper applications, manual entry or hassle, everything is done online in a secure database.