You tend to think of your brand as tied to the product you sell or the marketing you do. That’s really only the beginning. For a company in this day and age, your brand is represented by every aspect of your company. Furthermore, you brand yourself not just to your customers, but to potential employees. The face you present to them will help them decide why they should choose to work for you over your competition. This is called employer branding, and it’s done in Human Resources. Here are 4 ways to brand your HR department to attract top talent.

1. Onboarding. What’s the process like of integrating new employees into your company? Do you give them a brief welcome and then drop them into the deep end, or do you work with them and mentor them to help them reach their full potential within your company? The onboarding process is an employee’s first experience when working for your company, and it comes straight from HR. If things are confusing, difficult, or unwelcoming, it will lead to dissatisfaction pretty quickly. More importantly, word travels fast. If your onboarding program is lacking, it will deter future job candidates from choosing to work with your company. However, if your HR department does simple things like assigning each new hire a mentor, making sure management is accessible to answer questions, and even providing a small welcome gift, it will improve your company’s employer branding and make it a more attractive place to work.

2. Communication. There are dozens of different ways of communicating with your employees. Each one probably has their own preferred method. Some like texting. Others like e-mail. Some may work best through Skype, and others may prefer an old fashioned phone call. Allowing your staff to communicate with you and with each other through their preferred channels makes the communication process easier and more friendly, as well as reducing the chances of not being able to reach an employee when you need them. It also makes your company seem like a more welcoming and collaborative space. HR should regularly keep track of the different methods of communication that employees (and prospective employees) prefer and make an effort to use those when reaching out to them.

3. Reward Programs. What’s the incentive for a job well done in your company? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but your employees do deserve recognition when they do well. A lot of HR departments make a point of chastising employees when they do poorly or make mistakes, but fail to say anything when that same employee improves or reaches a new milestone. Incentivizing good work goes a long way towards increasing employee morale and making your company a place where people enjoy working. It also makes it much more attractive for new hires and improves your chances of attracting top talent. The best employees are more likely to come work for a place where they know their efforts will not go unappreciated.

4. Technology. What software platforms do you employ in your company? Do you have the latest CRM, ERP, or HCM? Are your employees able to telecommute or check in from the field on their mobile devices? Do you use programs like Skype and Google Docs to collaborate? The technology you incorporate reflects heavily on your company. If you keep up with the latest trends and make sure things are easy to use, then you’re seen as cutting edge. If you allow for the integration of a variety of different technologies according to employees’ preference, and encourage them to use their mobile devices, then you’re seen as flexible and accommodating. But if you stick with an old, outdated software platform that’s difficult to use, and ignore the benefits of new technology, then you’ll get a reputation for being stuck in your ways and behind the times. It will make you seem like a less appealing place to work and likely deter new hires.

Your HR department is the first interaction most people have with your company. They’re the ones that process their application, interview them, show them around, and ultimately onboard them. You’re looking for job candidates to make a good first impression on you, but first impressions go both ways. If you can brand your HR department to show the ways in which you care about your employees’ wellbeing and work experience, you’ll be able to attract a better class of employee and improve your team and productivity in a host of different ways.

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