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The COVID-19 strain of the coronavirus is affecting the health, safety and earning power of individuals on a global scale. As countries, states and communities are adapting to the spread of the virus, businesses are changing the ways they operate in order to do their part in helping fight COVID-19, keep people at home, and survive within a panicked economy.

While the COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented, there are best practices that managers are applying to their workforce. If you need help or assistance setting up electronic payments, managing your remote workforce, or conducting employee health screenings please contact Paypro today.

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  1. Latest Coronavirus News Impacting Businesses
  2. Unemployment Benefits in NY, NJ & CT
  3. Paycheck Protection Program for Small Businesses
  4. Paypro Recommendations (Telemedicine & Electronic Payments)
  5. WHO/CDC Best Practices


Latest Coronavirus News Impacting Businesses

Key Recommendations From Paypro

1. Evaluate Telemedicine For Your Organization

Paypro is proud to offer Telemedicine services through MDLIVE, allowing you to visit with a Doctor 24/7/365 from your home, office or on-the-go. During this period of uncertainty we’ve secured an exclusive arrangement to offer these services as a standalone benefit to any organization, regardless of existing coverage. Learn more about our Telemedicine offering here.

2. Transition Away From Paper Check Printing

If your employees normally pick up their checks in person, they may be putting themselves at risk with the COVID-19 outbreak. Even mail services are concerned about spreading the disease and are overloaded with other deliveries as well.

Paypro’s primary recommendation to HR organizations is to switch to some form of electronic payment, such as direct deposit or debit card, instead of relying on paper checks. Other benefits include:

By transitioning to electronic payments, you can ensure that your employees get paid on time, without having to worry about leaving the house to pick up their checks. Helping your employees stay home during the COVID-19 outbreak can keep their families safe during this difficult time.

Additionally, during this period of uncertainty and concern, we encourage businesses to inform their employees of the ability to track individual stimulus checks courtesy of the IRS.

3. Be A Good Corporate Citizen

As the situation caused by COVID-19 continues to evolve quickly, all of us should be doing everything we can to keep our employees, customers and communities safe.

Following the direction of the WHO and CDC, we continue to introduce safety measures to help contain the spread of this pandemic. Some of those safety measures include:

WHO/CDC Best Practices for Handling COVID-19

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) affects the upper respiratory tract, which includes sinuses, nose, throat, windpipe and lungs. Infections of COVID-19 range from mild to severe, with some cases resulting in death.

COVID-19 spreads most notably when a person that’s infected coughs or sneezes in an area around others that aren’t infected. The airborne droplets can be sprayed at distances up to 6 feet away. If these droplets land on a surface, the virus can survive for a short amount of time and infect those that are in contact with the surface and then touch their face, eyes, or mouth.  

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recommended the following best practices for preventing the spread of COVD-19:

In order to limit contact between persons, local governments are forcing many businesses to close their doors. Some organizations have already adapted by allowing their staff to work from home remotely and communicating through online apps and software tools.

While it can be challenging for employees to balance their personal life and work obligations from home, ensuring that they have the tools they need will help them stay productive and organized. It’s also necessary to set communication guidelines, schedule regular progress updates, and be as transparent as possible about the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

Contact Paypro to Help Manage Your Workforce During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Although the world is rapidly changing, companies must survive by streamlining their processes, implementing new technologies, and treating their employees with care. At Paypro, we can help your business with products, services and implementation that can make a positive difference.

With over 27 years of operational experience, our expert team has helped a variety of businesses with custom automations that save them time and money. Our priority is to help you find ways of cutting unnecessary costs, improving the efficiency of your operations, and keeping your employees safe and secure. 

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