Paypro offers HR support from the industry’s best team of HR professionals through MammothHR




In a world full of questions and uncertainty we have answers for you and your employees.

We have recently expanded our partnership with MammothHR, an online HR support center with on-demand resources and a COVID-19 crisis response ready to answer your questions surrounding COVID-19. 

COVID-19 has impacted us all and the information we hear seemingly changes every hour.  While many employers share nearly identical concerns, each situation is wholly unique to them. As a result, no COVID-19 question is simple and quick to dispatch, and we remain committed to ensuring each client gets the time and attention they need.

We continue to be laser-focused on supporting our partners and clients during this crisis, and we’ve continued to expand our COVID-19 resources.  We want our clients to know with our partnership we are here to help you navigate:


MammothHR can rapidly solve your HR issues with on-demand support from the industry’s best team of certified HR professionals. Their services allow your HR team to confidently tackle your HR compliance so you can focus on moving your organization forward.  Solutions include:


HR Support Center

HR On Demand

Compliance Training and Learning Management System (LMS)