People Icon - Human Resources.pngOutsourcing is a popular trend for companies in all sorts of industries. Services like IT, customer service and telephone sales are often outsourced by organizations that want to ensure that their in-house team can focus on the core tasks that they need to complete.

Many companies that are considering outsourcing HR services aren’t sure whether or not it is the right decision for them. It could be the cost factor making them hesitant, or perhaps they simply don’t know what they can outsource.

Whether you have already decided that you are going to be outsourcing HR services or you are still on the fence, here are some of the most common positions and functions that are outsourced:

HR Helpdesk Services

Today’s business owners are busier than ever before. As an employer, if you have a question about human resources issues it is important for you to get the answers that you need. From Labor Department issues to guidance about discipline, hiring and termination, having an effective helpdesk resource can be extremely valuable. Paypro’s HR specialists can provide today’s employers with a diverse range of answers to common human resources questions.

New Hire Onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most difficult tasks for most companies; there is a lot of paperwork, rules to go over, and workplace equipment to set up. But onboarding is important for employees as well; research shows that having a great onboarding program can lead to higher employee retention levels and better performance.

With consolidated, web-based tools for onboarding it will be much easier for a company to provide the documents that their employees need to see and fill out. For an employer, this type of system will provide better insight into how far along in the onboarding process a new hire is and how far they still have to go. The faster the onboarding process goes, the quicker an employee will be able to get up to speed and start contributing to the organization. The right onboarding system can drastically improve a new hire’s productivity, even on their first day of employment.

Legally Sound Employee Handbooks

Most employees at some point will want to know what kind of benefits they have available to them, from insurance programs to 401ks and 401bs.  Employees must also be able to find information about insurance, time off, and other concerns. Any company can create a handbook, but it’s important to ensure that your handbook is legally sound in case there are some issues.

All of these tasks need to get completed, but they are administrative in nature and can take up valuable time if your in-house team has to handle them. A good solution for outsourcing HR services that can meet these demands is using an online employee self-service system.

Other Considerations for Outsourcing HR Services

From administrative tasks to bringing new team members aboard, outsourcing can help your business run smoother. However, since HR plays such an important role in your business, it’s crucial that you find the right provider of human resources services. Contact Paypro Corporation for tried and true HR Management Solutions, so that you can free up resources and focus on what you do best.

About the Author

Kayla is the Marketing Manager at Paypro Corporation overseeing all inbound and outbound marketing and sales efforts. She has 7+ years of experience working within the B2B and SaaS based solutions space and thrives on creating messaging and campaigns that introduce products and services to those who need them most.


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